Give the gift of Heart Expressions! This new collection of inspirational puffed hearts, musical stands, heart gift sets and pick me up heart tokens deliver kind messages. Whether the puffed hearts are sold individually, with a musical stand or a smaller heart gift set is selected, these hearts will speak a thousand words. Each heart is engraved with touching sentiment and a special place for personalization. As an optional purchase, the themed puffed hearts may be featured on a lovely musical stand. As the heart is nestled on the musical stand of your choice, songs such as Amazing Grace, Wind Beneath my Wings and Close to You, are sure to please the recipient! Heart Expressions is the perfect way to convey what's in your heart. Unquestionably, a treasured gift for those special people you cherish and special occasions you celebrate.
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  • Courage
  • 4.75"x4"Notepad with Pen in Pink Coloration for Breast Cancer Awareness.
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