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    Marquee Message
    Light up your life and make a statement with these beautiful Marquee signs. Designed with a smaller scale in mind, these signs will fit into any space. They add light and rustic inspired charm, and their versatility compliment sophisticated spaces.

    Soft colors against the rustic wooden background, coupled with glowing lights, create visual drama for a great accent or focal point.

    All plaques are self standing and are hangable with the hook attached on the backside. They are battery operated with two AA batteries (not included). Lights last approximately 30 days when left on continuously. Marquee Message is a wonderful and unique gift for a housewarming or any occasion that needs a little extra glow.
    • Small Promotional by Marquee Message - 13" W x 4.25" H Marquee Plaque with AC Adapter
    • Small Promotional - 13" W x 4.25" H Marquee Plaque with AC Adapter -
    • - Item #35018 -
    • $35.00
    • Peace by Marquee Message - 10.25" x 4.5" LED Marquee Plaque
    • Peace - 10.25" x 4.5" LED Marquee Plaque -
    • - Item #35005 -
    • $35.00
    • - Line -
    • - Item # -
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