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    Pavilion's adage: create desirable, high-quality, innovative, and thoughtful gifts for every occasion. Our gift items propelled us to the forefront of development and distribution in North America.

    Pavilion is a wholesaler that offers over 4,500 unique gift items. Our artists strive to create meaningful gifts that will enrich the spirit of every household. They design unique products, create elegant packaging, and prepare them to be shared with people around the world.

    We are committed to delivering an exceptional shopping experience for our customers. Pavilion's Customer Care associates are friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable.

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    Pavilion's 143 brands include:

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    Prefer to work on a large screen desktop? Want to move around with your laptop? Want to be on the go and order anywhere? We have you covered. Our team devoted the time and effort into making the shopping experience equally great on all devices. Additionally, Pavilion is fast and reliable. Security is paramount at Pavilion; every page you visit is secure. Just look for the lock in the address bar.

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    Have a big order to fill? Want to quickly add, update, or remove items? You can adjust the items in your cart from multiple areas. If your device has a mouse, simply hover over an item. If your device is a tablet or a smart phone, tap the "Cart Options" button.

    Our bottom toolbar will instantly show you what, how many, and the total price of your items. Click the gear icon to show more options. When you are done click the cart link located on the toolbar and the top right.

    What do you need to become a Pavilion Retailer?

    The easiest and fastest way is to register for an account is with the form below. This option may take up to 48 hours to complete. If you have submitted a registration form, you may call our customer service department to speed up the approval process - Toll-Free: (888) 762-4457. This customer service number should also be used to obtain contact information for your area's sale's rep. International customers can also become retailers.

    Retailer Terms and Conditions

    Minimum Order

    All NEW Pavilion accounts must order a minimum of $250.00. Combining all Pavilion lines to reach minimum order is acceptable. Reorders must be a minimum of $100.00. When placing orders, please note individual minimum quantity requirements. No unauthorized returns are accepted. No product may be returned without a Pavilion return merchandise authorization (RMA) or cancellation number. All applicable freight charges to/from Pavilion for unauthorized returns will be the responsibility of the customer. There is a 20% restocking fee for all returns.


    Initial order terms are Credit Card (VISA/Mastercard). Future purchases may remain the same or Net 30 upon credit approval. Late payments will be subject to a 1.5% per month finance charge. No product will be shipped to an account that is past due. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be resubmitted. All returned checks will incur a $35.00 service charge.

    Cancel Dates

    Cancel Dates may be placed on orders at the customer's discretion. Cancel Date indicates the last day the order can leave Pavilion's warehouse. All orders submitted to PGC without a cancel date will automatically be given a cancel date one year from the date the order was placed. Unless we are notified in advance, any order refused or returned because the business is no longer open would be subject to a 20% restocking fee plus the charge for shipping and returning the merchandise to us.


    Prices are subject to change without notice.


    FOB Bergen, New York. P.G.C. ships FedEx Ground. Shipping - 10% East of the Mississippi and 13% West of the Mississippi. If freight exceeds 10% or 13%, actual freight will apply.


    Items not in stock will be backordered. All backorders under $50 will automatically be cancelled. Please indicate on order if backorders are not accepted.

    Order Requirements

    All orders must include the following:

    1. Order Date

    2. Account Contact Name

    3. Account Phone Number

    4. Email Address

    5. Store Name

    6. Correct Bill To/Ship To Address

    7. Terms Requested

    8. Ship Date if Requested

    9. Customer Signature

    10. Credit Sheet for Opening Orders (Credit Sheet to include (3) Trade and (1) Bank Reference, Owner Name and Bank Name)

    11. Copy of Sales Tax Resale Certificate

    12. Pavilion's Own Business Data locals.request.form

    Returns and Claims

    Pavilion must be notified within 15 days of delivery for all factory defects. Any claims made after the 15th day will not be considered a legitimate claim. All orders with a specified ship date must be cancelled 5 business days prior to the requested ship date or a 20% cancellation fee will be incurred.

    Collect Shipments

    The customer's shipping account number is required for all FedEx Bill Recipient, FedEx Collect and UPS Collect shipments. Any orders that are requested to ship Bill Recipient or Collect and do not include the account number will be put on hold until an account number or other shipping method is verified. The customer is responsible for paying all shipping charges on their orders. Any shipments that are charged back to Pavilion due to incorrect information will be billed back to the customer for the full amount of the shipment.

    Retailer Registration

    Billing Address

    Store Front Shipping Address

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    • If you have ordered from us before, please supply us with your customer code and a recent invoice number.
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