About Us

Established in 1998, Pavilion's vision has forever been to develop desirable, high-quality, innovative and thoughtful gifts for every occasion. The Pavilion team strives to create meaningful gifts that will touch the heart and soul of every household. At Pavilion, our customers are our inspiration. Pavilion is at the forefront of product development and gift distribution in North America. We also have strong relationships with our international distributors. Pavilion offers over 4500+ gift items, so our retail website is a great way to shop for products that are not easily found at a nearby store. We are committed to making great experiences with each and every one of our customers. Our creative team of professionals develop ideas, design unique gift items, create great packaging, and prepare our products to be shared with people around the world. Pavilion's knowledgeable and friendly Customer Care associates are also ready to assist our customers with whatever their needs may be. All of the above takes place in the United States, in our Upstate New York office and distribution center. Pavilion® brands include Elements™, Simple Spirits™, Light Your Way™, Comfort Candles™, Mom Love™, Mark My Words™, The BirchHearts™, The Sockings™, and over 80 additional lines. H2Z®, our Ladies Accessories Division, specializes in fashionable gifts and accessories for every kind of woman. We proudly feature fashionable jewelry, leather handbags, totes, and brands such as Hiccup™.

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